under the radar 2011

The first manifestation of the event took place at “Sternstudio-Gallery” in Vienna’s 2nd district. A running exhibition was interrupted by a meeting, exchange and networking event. The “IN-TER-MISSON” starting the symposium-series “Under-the-Radar” began somewhat secretly at noon on Sunday February 27th 2011. After initial discussions and the following adaptation of the venue the doors “officially” opened at 2:27 p.m. - expecting a small, but motivated, interested and enthusiastic crowd. As soon as enough visitors were present a 90 minute long compilation of short experimental films and animations titled "in-567-under-radar-ter-mission" was presented to the competent audience. Instead of formal presentations the participants were asked to offer spontaneous and unplanned, short talks on topics that had been identified before. The main idea was about addressing the "grey zone", the dark corners, the fringes and the overlapping fields of artistic practice, media production, digital worlds, aesthetic theory, teaching, intervention and communication. The long, rather strange and initially not very attractive title of the event and film-program functioned as a trigger for further discussions, ideas and inspirations. Some guests participated passively, some actively. The outcome of this event lead to the extension of the project to include ASIFA Austria, Webster Vienna Private University and the company that also runs the “Sternstudio-Gallery” in the planning and financing of the next edition of “Under-the-Radar” at the MuseumsQuartier Vienna in 2012.